Does your auto insurance policy include coverage for flood damage? A flood can easily total out a car and the only way to get your insurance company to pay for the repairs or your total loss is to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. This coverage is very affordable and you do not have to carry collision coverage to get it. Floods can happen anywhere, regardless of whether you live near a body of water or not. Extreme, record-breaking weather events seem to be the norm lately.

If a hurricane is approaching, companies will not allow for comprehensive coverage to be added to a policy to prevent fraudulent claims. If you have a loan against your vehicle this coverage is a requirement and you should already have it. You may be surprised at how little the cost is to lower your comprehensive deductible. It is a good idea to review your coverage and deductibles regularly.

In the event of flood damage, call the claim in immediately. Time is very important in regards to a flood damage claim. In a catastrophic claim situation, remember to be a little patient as the claim centers are going to be inundated with calls for new claims.

Do not try to start your car if it has been flooded, this can cause more damage even if it doesn’t start.

Dry the vehicle out as soon as possible. The sooner your vehicle gets dried out the better your chances of avoiding a total loss situation. Be sure to contact the appropriate professionals and do not try to dry your vehicle on your own. Be aware that your car can experience severe problems even after the vehicle would seem to be dry. The electronics, if submerged or ‘aggressively’ dampened, may never be the same.

One of the major problems with a flood damage to a vehicle is the potential for future problems. Using your insurance carrier’s preferred body shop usually guarantees the shops work. Check with your insurance carrier or agent to see if your repairs are guaranteed.

Do what you can to protect your vehicle against flood damage. Driving through flood water does not only put your vehicle at risk but also your life. Turn around don’t drown!