Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is about creating opportunities.

We don’t only work here. We live here. Where your asset is or where you want to be located. That is how we know the area and the people in it so well. We are not transactional brokers. We are your real estate partner.

Prospectors. Negotiators. Closers.

With over 35 years of experience, our team is fast and focused on your needs. When you excel, so do we, so we invest in your business and ours.

We not only know real estate, our expertise bridges into the things that influence real estate and our markets for a progressive perspective.

We represent the interests of tenants, owners, buyers or sellers in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate. Our different teams specialize in multiple property types for a well-rounded and hyper focused approach.

Our Real Estate Agents

About Beck CRE

Clients draw on the knowledge and experience of our team of commercial real estate experts. We represent the interests of tenants, owners, buyers or sellers in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate, specializing in:


We see retail news in the headline quite a bit now. This industry is facing and will be facing more advancements. Get an agile real estate partner to help navigate this landscape now and for the future.

renters insurance

This strong industry needs advisors with grit to maximize value and create the right relationships. Between our financial experts to help underwrite your property efficiently and innovative marketing professionals, you’re in good hands.


Our team of office experts are here to help increase your productivity and performance. We have tailored approaches for tenants, landlords, and investors for streamlined results.


There are quite a few factors to consider with land. This team knows to process and knows the area. Get the highest and best use of your land with a strategic plan produced by thorough professionals.

What’s the benefit of utilizing
a local broker?

We have an eye on hidden costs and constructive comps in submarkets to give you the right market intel. We know your competitors and consumer behavior profiles on a granular level. We are well versed in the history of spaces and occupiers due to local relationships. We also utilize a proprietary database only our agents have access to. Get a local firm with national reach.

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Commercial Real Estate

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We make protecting your interests our primary concern

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We provide exemplary property management and facilities maintenance services

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