At Beck Partners, we endeavor to add value to the properties we manage.  From grocery-anchored shopping centers to multi-family communities and office centers, our depth and responsiveness sets our Property Management Team apart.  Our clients range from local owners to regional managers and out of state investors.  For out of town owners who don’t have boots on the ground near their Northwest Florida, Georgia and Alabama properties, we especially understand the importance of keeping owners informed.

Northwest Florida has recently experienced several unusual events that impact commercial property owners, the first of which was a series of forest fires that burned thousands of acres, threatening and destroying residential and commercial properties, including several managed by Beck Partners.  Beck Partners is in the practice of providing Emergency Handbooks for buildings they manage in the event of adverse weather, active shooters, fires, or other emergencies.

The COVID pandemic has also affected commercial properties in a variety of ways.  Not only did the virus cause immediate impact, but civil authorities also varied operating regulations from municipality to municipality, making it all the more important to keep an out of town owner informed.

If a building cannot be occupied, Property Managers help ensure that HVAC systems continue to operate so that when business returns, it is occupiable.  An unoccupied building could potentially threaten revenue generation.  Another aspect a non-local owner may need assistance with is accounting.  Janitorial vendors need to be informed of updated cleaning procedures.

Recently, rioting has also impacted business operations in commercial spaces.  The good news is that General Liability Insurance coverage typically covers those types of losses, but without a local property manager, damage could go uncontrolled (hiring security, responsive repairs and temporary barrier placement are all things that a Property Manager can assess on a local level to minimize damage).  An off-site owner might not be aware of broken windows, security issues or burned out lights until long after the damage is done.

With a Property Management team of accountants, technicians, and managers, Beck Partners provides comprehensive property management, leasing and related services for income-producing properties owned primarily by institutional investors, along with facilities management services for corporate users.

For specific questions about your leases, common area maintenance fees, and other property management, or commercial real estate, contact Chris Cobb, a Beck Partners Property Manager at (850) 477-7044.

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About Beck Partners: Beck Partners is headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, with additional offices in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Mobile. Beck Partners is an innovative real estate and insurance services firm doing business in the Southeast for over 30 years. It is the only Gulf Coast firm offering Real Estate, Property Management, and Insurance service under one roof. Beck Partners’ unique combination of integrated services allows our team to collaborate openly, share ideas and provide critical solutions with speed and efficiency.