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Beck Partners Has Partnered With Harper and Associates in Mobile

We are ecstatic to announce that we have partnered with Harper and Associates, an insurance agency with deep roots in the community of Mobile. This partnership will expand insurance services in Mobile. This local, family-run insurance agency has deep roots in the community. Harper and Associates have been located in Mobile for over 55 years and is currently run by Robert Harper.


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Insurance Agent Questions Answered

Do you ever wonder how your insurance agent earns their commissions? There are a lot of factors that take place behind the scenes for agents to advise you on the right coverage.


Millennials Are In Real Estate: Why Now?

The millennial generation which has long been criticized and categorized by their need for instant gratification is taking notice of tangible assets with potential long-term value through real estate. Millenials are seeing real estate as a long-term tangible investment.

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Unseen Factors that Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate

Auto insurance rates are increasing at a very rapid rate due to some lesser-known factors. Find out how to stay ahead of this rate increase with auto insurance discounts and tips!

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Beck Partners Wins Employer of the Year Award

Beck Partners was named 2016 Employer of the Year for the 2016 Entrepreneur Awards, sponsored by Studer Community Institute. The inaugural Entrepreneur Awards recognize the achievements and economic impact entrepreneurs and businesses have on a community. The award categories aim to honor businesses at every stage in their life cycle, from start-ups to family businesses that span multiple generations.

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5 Reasons Why the Insurance Industry is Great for Millennials

With all the exciting startups and other “more enticing” choices, why would any Millennial consider a career in the insurance industry? Isn’t it for those pushy salesmen that force you to buy something you don’t want? Well, no. The insurance industry is actually what many Millennials are looking for.