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We are pleased to offer Hurricane Supplemental Insurance! Homeowners in the State of Florida can now transfer the risk of their Hurricane Deductible back to an insurance company! This could completely eliminate your out-of-pocket expense in the event you have to file a claim! Cat4Home


Resources for filing a claim

Sally left behind damaged buildings, flooding and insurance claims to be filed. If you need resources, please let us know. Our Insurance, Property Management and Commercial Real Estate teams are ready to help.

renters insurance

What protection does Renters Insurance Offer?

Just because your landlord has coverage doesn’t mean that you do, too. In most cases, your landlord’s insurance policy covers only structural damage to the building itself. If the structure goes up in flames, your landlord’s coverage would include repairs to the building, but not

person with cell phone ordering ride share

What Type of Insurance do Drivers Need for Ride-Share Services?

Ever since the first ride-sharing app debuted in 2011, they’ve experienced exponential growth in usage. In fact, in the cities where such apps have joined the market, taxi ridership has declined anywhere from 10 to 30 percent. However, while the popularity of ride-sharing and food

Personal Automobiles for Business Use

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 240 million registered motor vehicles in the United States, and an estimated one-fourth of those are used for business in some way. If you have employees who use personal vehicles for business use, you could

Do you need directors and officers insurance coverage?

If you serve as on a Board of Directors for a profit or non-profit organization you may currently have or considered obtaining Directors and Officers insurance coverage and there may be a few that don’t know what this coverage is for. Directors and officers are tasked with making decisions